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University Placement

In the wake of a gnawing urge for higher studies, there has been a growing trend amongst the native students to opt for studying abroad. Consequently, right after the completion of their higher secondary level, the students rush to different ‘Overseas Student Counseling Houses’ more precisely, ‘Education Consulting Firms’. These Consulting Firms are manned by a group of competent, experienced, and skilled professionals, who provide the students with all possible education-oriented information, counselling, and services. This very practice/system of establishing linkages between the potential students and the expected universities augurs well for the smooth functioning of the paperwork. The aforesaid intermediary role played by the Counseling Houses is praiseworthy.

Nevertheless, the students beat about the bush to find out an authentic source of information from a vast array of choices. It would have been better, had the ‘University Placement and Career Counseling Process’ been conducted by the very institutions (schools/colleges), the students passed from. Not surprisingly, the task would have been a difficult one for the institutions to formulate and organize a significantly different arena of education services.

In this case, the institutions can come to a contractual agreement with the selected Consulting Firms and can open a separate department to participate and play an important part in the whole Placement and CounselingProcess. It is all about connecting the students with the enlisted Consulting Firms, using the directories, where detailed information about the selected Consulting Firms are incorporated. The institutions can help the students proceed with their required papers and documents, thereby evading the alienation between the students and the Consulting Firms.   

It is, the inclusion of the educational institutions to ease and expedite the clumsy and lengthy process of ‘University Placement and Career Counseling’ of the native students willing to enrol in the foreign Universities, the purpose of this write up is all about.


The objective of the InCIS University Placement and Career counselling is to provide advice and guidance as graduating seniors complete the university application procedure. Applicants are given instructions in the order and way to submit the application and transcript, directions in finding university entrance criteria, the definition of new and unfamiliar application terms as well as guidelines for the composition of personal statements and essays. In addition to that InCIS sometimes hosts visitors from different universities from around the world, provides information about university fairs, open days and orientation activities for students and their parents.

We are proud that we have an excellent success rate of around 95% acceptances of our students to higher education institutions worldwide, including top universities such as MIT, Brown, UC Berkeley, Smith College in USA, McGill University, UBC, Waterloo in Canada, the University of Edinburgh – Scotland, Erasmus University in the Netherlands and many more.

Why InCIS?

Our in-house research shows that approximately 98% higher secondary schools do not offer formal university placement services in their own school. We have found many reasons for not offering these essential services to their students, though it is extremely necessary. Schools are not intended just for teaching textbooks and getting academic results at the end of the session. It is supposed to develop a student as an asset, as a complete person.  They will represent the culture and values of their respective school throughout their entire life. They will place themselves in a position which will make a school proud and prominent.

We have observed that most of the schools are not offering these services, owing to either, lack of expert admission counsellor or financial constraints in recruiting a full-time counsellor or perhaps not giving proper importance on these services. But these services are extremely essential for a student to select the right path and to flourish and establish themselves through the most suitable career. In most of the cases, students are selecting a career path without knowing other better options which might be much more demanding and suitable for them in this extremely competitive job market.

Due to the lack of professional guidance, most of the students somehow fall into the trap of few money-monger manpower businessmen. This so-called university or college admission service providers are mainly representing a few lower to mid-grade institutions who are just waiting for students to keep their business run. They never assess the proper potential of our students. They even offer non-competitive spot admission. They just want to get commissions from students’ admission and semester fees. During the university or college programs, most of our students feel frustrated and, in many cases, the degree they receive are extremely below standard for their job-market.

On the other hand, InCIS grooms, prepare and place these students into a challenging admission process to get an offer from world-renowned colleges and universities. We assess each student’s life-long performance by going through their academic and extra-curricular activities as well as by conducting a challenging interview process. We also help them manage financial aids from the university. We guide them to develop their language skills to achieve top grades in IELTS and TOEFL tests.  We are also helping them to do well in their aptitude tests and in writing personal statements as required by the universities. InCIS also helps their parents to prepare financial documents which will be needed by the universities. We take responsibility for the application procedures.

InCIS works as a development partner of any school. Our services benefit the schools and their students for the long run. Schools do not need to provide a dedicated professional university placement service by themselves and they do not need to take any additional financial burden to work with us. We, as a partner of your school, will provide the whole service. It is a value-added service for any school. It helps to grow confidence and reliance among students and schools. To avail of these services, students need to pay for the entire application process.

How do we work

Our placement services are dedicated to each student to match the best possible academic program. To facilitate the placement process, our well-conversant placement specialists work with a full range of colleges and universities around the world.

InCIS places students with a complete range of academic disciplines like Business, Economics, Education, International Relations, Science, Engineering and Technology and Social Sciences, among others.

InCIS organizes its placement staff according to the field of study, allowing staff members to develop a strong relationship not only with admissions officers but also with professionals in academic departments. We utilize these extensive admissions and academic connections for the utmost benefit of the students being placed. To advise students about the best possible program options, InCIS specialists keep the students well-informed of the rapidly changing specializations and trends within each field of study. Through an annual review of admissions information and other advising resources, InCIS specialists help students articulate their study objectives and identify academic programs that will best suit their study plans.

InCIS implements a multi-stage process that will match the student to the program. This process covers:

  • Application materials
  • Selecting and applying to Universities
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Helping in Statement or personal essays preparation
  • Aptitude Test and language skill development. (On-Demand)
  • Online Payment (On-Demand)
  • Finalizing placements

InCIS helps facilitate late placement by pre-identifying colleges or universities that will entertain late applications and/or reserve places for qualified applicants.

InCIS can also perform fast-track placements into degree and non-degree programs for the students, identified late in the admission sea.

InCIS has a track record of providing students with an education service that is second to none. We are committed to helping students achieve their academic goals and use their potential wherever they want to study. We enable them to choose the most suitable course of study and to gain admission into the appropriate university or college. We also help in paying application fees, registration fees for SAT, TOEFL and IELTS, submitting CSS Profile, finding best-suited accommodation and visa counselling on demand.

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