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Professional Courses

InCIS is offering customized professional courses for early learners to senior executives. These courses have been designed according to the demand of a group of corporates. It is mostly suitable for companies who would like to enhance the skills of their workforces.

Our courses duration and timing are flexible. It can be conducted even on weekends. Our classes are online and live, so learners can join from their comfort zones and participate in a relaxed way. There is a feedback session after each class so, they can ask any relevant questions or discuss their problems with their lessons.

At the end of each topic, a small assignment is given. Learners must complete the assignment and submit it within stipulated times. Feedback is normally given in the next week. When a course is fully completed, a small project is given on the entire course so learners can prove their understanding and improve efficiency. A professional course completion certificate will be awarded to each learner.

We can add any course on-demand.

We are offering courses:

Office Packages:

  • Spreadsheet
  • Spreadsheet with VBA
  • Database
  • Presentation
  • Project management
  • English Language skill development

Programming languages:

  • Python
  • Visual Studio .Net
  • HTML 5 with CSS
  • Java Scripts
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