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InCIS is offering customized professional courses for early learners to senior executives. These courses have been designed according to the demand of a group of corporates. It is mostly suitable for companies who would like to enhance the skills of their workforces.

Our courses duration and timing are flexible. It can be conducted even on weekends. Our classes are online and live, so learners can join from their comfort zones and participate in a relaxed way. There is a feedback session after each class so, they can ask any relevant questions or discuss their problems with their lessons.

At the end of each topic, a small assignment is given. Learners must complete the assignment and submit it within stipulated times. Feedback is normally given in the next week. When a course is fully completed, a small project is given on the entire course so learners can prove their understanding and improve efficiency. A professional course completion certificate will be awarded to each learner.


Office Packages:

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft Inc for Microsoft Windows and MAC OS X. Its use is to do advanced calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language referred to as Visual Basic for Applications. The course curriculum is one of the most comprehensive and most advanced. Here you will trained from the very basic till the most advance level in the version 2019.

In this 7 hours of training with 74 lectures, you will be taken through the fundamentals of Excel till the Expertise level. You may expect to learn following topics in detail.

Learn about the structure of Excel

Learn how to adjust the way data and information are displayed in Excel

Learn how to apply function with function facts

Learn how to use relative, absolute, and mixed references in Excel

Learn how to create powerful calculations with Excel functions

Learn how to visually represent your data with charts and other tools in Excel

Learn how to use Excel data tools like Group, subtotaling, and filtering

Learn how to remove duplicates from data in Excel

Learn how to use Excel to leverage data with Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts

Learn how to automate Excel tasks with recording Macros.

Learn how to use passwords in Excel to protect your work in multiple scenarios

Learn how to use printing and sharing in Excel

Learn to use Pivot table with slicers, Grouping and various tricks

Learn how to organise your data based on Condition.

Learn to validate proper entry in the data.

Mastering Date and time related formulas and format.

Mastering all important Text function with nested methodology

Mastering Logical and Lookup and reference Function.

Mastering Operators use and Math Functions.

Who this course is for:
Career in MIS
Want to have expertise in Basic and Advance Excel
Seeking career in Data Management

Course content
Expand 74 lectures

Advance Excel Training

Excel structure

Cell properties

Autofill Number and text

Autofill date

Autofill Adv tools

Cell reference

Operators based equation in Excel

Math Function in Excel

Print related options in Excel Part 1

Print related options in Excel Part 2

What if Analysis – Goal seek

What if Analysis – Scenario Manager

PMT function – EMI calculator

Data table – Create Loan Table

Text Function – Upper, Lower, Proper, Trim

Text Function – Right, Left

Text Function – Find and task

Text Function – Solution and Nested Left

Text Function – Find and Left Nesting

Text Function – MID

Text Function – Mid task and solution

Text Function – Concatenate

Text Function – Concatenate task and solution

Text Function – Replace

Text Function – Replace task and Solution

Text Function – Substitute

Text Function – Len, Rept, Excat, Search

Text to column

Workbook protect

Protect sheet

Hide Formulas and unlocked Cell

Protect File with password

Share workbook

If Function – Logical Test

If Function – with Equation and task

If Function – Nested If

If Function – advance

If Function – advance – 2

AND , OR Function

AND, OR, IF Nested

AND, OR Advance

Pivot Table – Intro

Pivot Table – Manage Field Area

Pivot Table – Value Field, Report and more

Pivot Table – Slicer and Duplicate Pivot

Pivot Table – Group to mange date and values

Pivot Table – Insert Calculated Field

Chart Preparation

Chart Preparation – Advance

Chart Preparation – Customise

Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting – Types of Rules

Conditional Formatting – Apply

Conditional Formatting – Create New Rules

Conditional Formatting – Mange Rules

Data Validation

Data Validation – Input message and Error Alert

Advance Math Function

Advance Math Function 2

Using of Wild Card in Math Function

Vlookup Function

Vlookup with Iferror

Vlookup Nesting with If


Match Function

Index and match nested

Vlookup array

Vlookup column func trick

Vlookup TRUE


Macro Recording part 1

Macro Recording part 2

Macro Recording part 3

Types to run macros

This course is designed mainly for them who want to handle customized database handling with the aid of built-in programming language Visual Basic Application. It will give a learner much more robust control on the developed system.  

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