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IGCSE and O Levels

What is IGCSE or O Level?

GCE is one of the most internationally recognised qualifications. You can take this qualification at the Ordinary (O)/IGCSE or the Advanced (A) levels, depending on what you need it for and the course you intend to follow. The Ordinary level has been replaced by IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education), it is available to international students. We advise you to take a preparation course that specifically follows a syllabus if you want to take either of these exams

Who can take IGCSE exam?

Anyone who has completed 10th grade can sit for IGCSE Examination. In Bangladesh, most of the schools are following either the Pearson Edexcel examinations’ or the Cambridge Assessment International Educations’ (CAIE) syllabus. In InCIS we are also following both of the syllabuses for our students. Students can take tuition for both of the syllabi from us to sit for their IGCSE and O-Level examination.

What is involved in Registration?

At present, we are affiliated by the Pearson for Edexcel Examination. Student can register for their all IGCSE examinations from us. For Cambridge syllabus, the student must register from their respective school (That school must have affiliation from Cambridge International Examination) but they can take extra assistance from us regarding tuition and registration.

In order to register for an IGCSE level exam student will need to complete an online Examination registration form at the InCIS office. Registration usually become available for January examinations in early August of the preceding year. For May/June examinations, they are available in early February of that year.

Prior to completing the registration form, you should read the Registration Instructions which will become available at the same time as the Entry Form.

The submission dates for entries are specified on the entry form. For Edexcel exams, it is normally the first two weeks of September for January examinations and the first two weeks of March for the May/June examinations. For CAIE exams, it is normally January for the May/June exams and July for November exams.

How much will it cost?

Examination fees can vary according to the examination board and subject. Details of the exact fee will be given on the Registration Form and accompanying instructions.

Fees are payable in Taka and can be paid at any Standard Chartered Bank in Bangladesh. Examination fees paid cannot be transferred from one examination session to another. The full fees are payable for each separate examination session.

Registration of Late Entry

Late entries are accepted only in certain deadline which is normally starts at the end of regular registration and candidates are subject to pay late fees (usually double the regular amount).

Where can I find out more?

You can contact our office for more information and advice on IGCSE exams and other UK qualifications you can take with us.


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