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A Levels

What is an A-Level?

An A-level is an Advanced level GCE qualification. This exam is divided into two parts known as AS-Level and A2 Level. After the first year of study, students take the AS-Level examination. At the end of year two, they normally take A2 Level examination. Students can also take the A-Level all together at the end of two years of studies. After you have taken your IGCSE or O-level exams you can take any number of A-levels; and will often depend on the qualifications that your chosen institution has asked for. In the UK, many college students take three or four A-levels for their final two years of study.

Who can take an A-Level?

Anyone who has completed IGCSE or O-Level Examination under any board in the UK can take A-Level for their higher studies. In Bangladesh, most of the schools are following either the Edexcel examinations’ or the Cambridge examinations’. In InCIS we are also following both of the syllabuses for our students. Students can take tuition for both of the syllabi from us to sit for their A-Level examination.

Why should I take an A-Level?

To achieve the best possible higher studies from any top-class universities in the world, you must have A-Level as a prerequisite. Good A-level results can ensure your access to undergraduate studies. A-level qualifications can also give you access to professional and vocational courses.

What subjects can I take?

We offer a wide range of Edexcel and Cambridge Assessment International Educations’ (CAIE) exams. However, some exams require special facilities or an accredited examiner, which we cannot provide. Please contact The British Council at Dhaka for an updated list of the subjects we can currently offer.

How do I register?

In Bangladesh, some schools follow the GCE syllabus to prepare their pupils for taking A level exams. If you attend one of these schools, you should enquire at the school about how you can register and sit for the exams.

At present, we are affiliated by the Pearson for Edexcel Examination. Student can register for their all International A-Level (IAL) examinations from us. For Cambridge syllabus, students must register from their respective school (That school must have affiliation from Cambridge Assessment International Educations’ (CAIE) but they can take extra assistance from us regarding tuition and registration.

In order to register for International A level (IAL) exam student will need to complete an online Examination registration Form at the InCIS office. Registration usually become available for January examinations in early August of the preceding year. For May/June examinations, they are available in early February of the current year.

Prior to completing the registration form, you should read the Registration Instructions which will become available at the same time as the Entry Form.

The submission dates for entries are specified on the online entry form. For Edexcel exams, it is normally in September for January examinations and in February for the May/June examinations. For CAIE exams, it is normally January for the May/June exams and July for November exams.


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